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Macro with my new lens

I’ve bought a new macro lens recently small AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G

It was bought just to find out if a lens with so small focusing distance is enough to take photos of bugs (only 16cm – and remember that it’s not a distance from front of the lens).
Results are very good. Pictures are sharp and there is no problem for bugs to be photographed from so small distance.

Here you can see some of my first shots:

_DSC5745b _DSC5749b _DSC5758b _DSC5739b _DSC5733b _DSC5729m _DSC5659b _DSC5644b _DSC5579b

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I met Gaia once upon a time. She looked at me, knowing everything about us, people.
– There is no such a time which I do not remember. You are the God’s most loved children. – she said.


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Beautiful Angel fractal, transmiting lovely energy. Cover yourself with this light and feel it.


Tweaked fractal from Don Towm, thanks.

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Horse of Aurora Borealis

My new painting. I painted it after I had looked through a window and in my head I had a vision of a horse galloping across the sky.
Painting for sale 60x45cm


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Feel. Unity.

Acrylic painting  for sale.


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Well it’s an Angel

Return of Angel



Obsidian Dawn
Rest is my own resources

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Raczynski family palace

Last Sunday we visited Raczynski family palace in Zloty Potok.

Złoty Potok [‘zw?t? ‘p?t?k] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Janów, within Częstochowa County, Silesian Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It lies approximately 2 kilometres (1 mi) south of Janów, 25 km (16 mi) south-east of Częstochowa, and 60 km (37 mi) north-east of the regional capital Katowice.

The history of the village dates to at least the 12th century. In 19th century a palace by Raczyński family, and a mansion of Krasiński family, were built here. In the Krasińscy mansion there is a museum dedicated to the Polish poet Zygmunt Krasiński.
Our stay there was so nice and romantic. The palace is closed for visitors but when you are there the atmosphere outside is so good that we had no need to go inside. We also visited a museum in the Krasińscy mansion.
It was not planned shot, and most of pictures was taken by my husband Tom, he is so talented. Take a look on the pictures and feel the atmosphere.

Raczyński family palace. (by M.W.)


Lion (by T.W)

Lion (by M.W)

Tree in front of palace (by T.W.)

Old stairs (by T.W.)

Little romantic bridge over Wiercica (by T.W.)

One more in this place… (M.W.)

Outside of Krasińscy mansion (by T.W.)

In the museum (all by T.W.):

Ducks, lake and woman (by T.W.)

From the other side of lake (by T.W):

Landscape with palace (by M.W.):


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This picture is a puzzle because you can read all stars from Orion constellations looking at this image. There are many myths and legends about the Betelgeuse, and that’s why I pictured her this way.


The mystery solved:


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The ancient art of calligraphy called me recently. As an answer I bought cheap nib no.2, flat square-cut, a standard pen holder and black Hero ink. My first thought: calligraphy is not very easy but also it is not very hard.
I try to write Rustic Capitals at first. Here I can recommend a great book “The Art of Calligraphy” by David Harris.

Here is a photo taken with my phone when writing my first ABC (not pround):

Uuuuhh! I couldn’t resist and ordered Noodler’s Konrad Flex Nib. Must have flex!

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